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A girl that Will never Leave her cheating man. the type of girl that walks straight and believes she has nothing to hide. The type that all cheaters should look for because she would keep you in a heartbeat.

she tends to be jealous of girls with curves
Dude I totally need to find a yesma.

Man I found this girl she doesnt care i cheat on her. Man she is a total yesma
by DanTheManSilly June 29, 2009
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Yesma is the hottest girl you will ever find!
Her name means β€œGift from God” and everybody loves her!! She is an athlete and she has a perfect body

Trust me you don’t want to make a problem with yesma because she will win

She is the most popular girl in her school and absolutely gorgeous. She has 1 best friend and a lot of close friends!
She loves making new friends .
She has soft curly hair that everyone loves to touch . No one hates her and everyone is happy to have her in their life . She is really talented and shy infront of adults . Be happy you have yesma in your life because she loves you from all her heart !
Man , I want to marry a girl like yesma

She will love me from all her heart
by Ashley roubeclous May 13, 2018
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