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In Hebrew: "יש עתיד" (There's a future) - A Political movement of Yuppies led by Yair Lapid who developed the system of New Politics (Which stands for "old politics" with Hair Gel, and awareness to fact that black make you look thin).
Protestors: There's NO future in Lapids way.

Yair Lapid: "Yesh Atid is the Defensive Shield for the Israeli middle class".

Yair Lapid: "I don't know sh!t about Economy" (interviuing Minister of Finance Benjamin Netanyahu 2003).

Yair Lapid: "Give me 20 mandats and the next Tax raise will not happen" (Gets ellected as Minister of Finance and 1st thing he does is raise taxes).

Yair Lapid: "Raising taxes is our red line, and we won't let it happen! Yesh Atid is the Israeli middle class party. We will not allow this abuse of the productive citizens who served in the army, learned a trade, work, and carry the economy wagon on their backs. We are here to change!" (in "Calcalist" conference, 25.Dec.2012).

Yair Lapid: "Taxes have been raised again today. Netanyahu government continues to run over the middle class and leaves it in an intolerable state". (a Facebook status from 1.Jan.2013).

Yair Lapid: "We will not allow another tax raise for the middle class. it is forbidden" (in an interview to channel 1, two weeks before the elections which took place in 22.Jan.2013).
by Matans June 17, 2013
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