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Yellow Tube or yellowtubbing, is a term critically used to refer to the current trend in user generated content in YouTube, mostly by partnered members, characterized by formula-based flashy presentations and methods aimed to quickly attract viewers with complete disregard to their intellectual capacities. Among these:

- begging for subscribers and racing to arbitrary numbers of them.
- misleading video titles typed in all caps, mostly of a tacky sexual nature, and with multiple exclamation marks

- references to current celebrity news

- the forceful naming of current popular teen celebrities
- the use of altered video thumbnails with bright colored backgrounds, mostly yellow*, and containing female racks or closed up faces making a grimace.
- Invariably asking the viewers of the video to post comments, to subscribe to the channel, and, unashamedly, to give a positive ratings to the video.
- the unnecessary use of the Video Annotations feature.
- quick video editing cuts.
- the absence of topics of any weight.

They are the visual equivalent of being screeched nonsense in ones ear. It is attention whoring stripped from all shame and purpose and rocketed to a whole new level. Two point O, if you wish.
A: Well, lets open my YouTube homepag--AH! My eyes!

B: Dude, look at that, its like these people are trying to neuter our attention spam. Pure "yellowtubbing."

A: Yellow Tube, yeah, lets count how many times this guy says Justin Bieber today.

*cough* SD LN PdF RWJ ±
by raphaleus April 13, 2010
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