2012, according the chinese astrology. A year of robust health and, if you are born this year, you are powerful, arrogant, and extravagant. You will rule the world because the dragon is so magnificent and widely revered in the chinese zodiac.
"I was born in the year of the dragon, therefor, I have a rich strong healthy robust life full of dramatic elegance, courage and strength."
by Janine Erringdale January 1, 2012
A excuse often used by weebs who like lolis/shotas to hide the fact that they are a pedophile being attracted to a "grown up in a child's body", the same excuse also often comes with the "her/his mentality is old enough, she/he's legal" right after
weeb1: hey dude, you watched that anime called insert name here
weeb2: yeah, just because of the lolis (>///<)
weeb1: you do know that "loli" is actually a 9 year old anime girl right?
weeb2: she don't exist its completely legal to lewd a anime loli UwU, she's basically a hundred year old dragon or even Vampire!
by Mavolent February 8, 2021
A flaming shit that spews out of your asshole after consumption of a particularly spicy or Asian meal, which literally chars the rim of your asshole.
Nick: "How you feelin' Houston?"

Houston: "Terrible, I have 3rd degree burns from that 'Chinese New Year Dragon Fire Shit' that I took this morning!"

Nick: "Fuck dude, I hope you feel better, I hate 'Chinese New Year Dragon Fire Shits'." I had to get asshole replacement surgery last month after one of those.. Fuck China Dynasty!"
by H Fowler July 29, 2012