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One of the finest drinking establishments in the Westcountry.

Located in Newton Abbot, Devon, England, Ye Olde Cider Bar maintains and upholds the traditions of the Devonshire cider connoisseur, providing a wide range of local and national ciders, perrys and fruit wines.

Frequented by young and by old, the variety of patrons found in Ye Olde Cider Bar is truly unique, and the customs held by many of them are characteristic of Cider Bar spirit. For example, snuff is still commonly found in the Cider Bar, and you may be offered it by kindly strangers. 'Spun' is also a favourite Cider Bar drink, consisting of a pint of L.B.W. cider with a glass of blackcurrent wine mixed in once there is enough room in the glass. This is a rather lethal concoction, and is bound to get one very drunk.

Whether you're in search for a taste of the fine beverages the South West has to offer, or a brilliant drunken night out, the world reknowned Ye Olde Cider Bar is the place to be.
Shouted from one slope of a Swiss mountain range: "Ye Olde!" Reply from another peak: "CIDER BAR!"

On a hot summer's afternoon: "Fancy a refreshing tipple in Ye Olde Cider Bar cider garden?" "Hell yes I do, it's boiling!!"

On a midwinter's night: "Who wants to go get bladdered on spun?!" "ME!" "Damn straight!" "Count me in." "Let's go!" "I'll invite the Mayor"
by The Vole April 13, 2009
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