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Beautiful tall girl, with an even better personality, smart , friendly and nice. Likes rock, and has amazing friends. Will be forever happy and young. Loves to dance, drink, go out, shop, men, exercise, and traveling. Many people want to be around her, but only a select group of people are lucky to hang around with her. You will never regret meeting her. Her best physical quality is her legs, eyes, and smile. She's naturally sexy, and has an amazing sense of humor. Its a pleasure to work with her. It's normal if you ever have awesome dreams with her. Feel free to start a fan club.
I love Yatzareth.
You fell in love with Yatzareth.
She wants to be best friends with Yatzareth.
Yatzareth is so cool.
Yatzareth is so hot.
Yatzareth is pretty.
Oh! Yatzareth is so smart!
When I grow up I want to be like Yatzareth
by Janice, Yaniz, Yatza, Yatzi February 06, 2013
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