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Yadadameentiendes is used most commonly by the Latin-ghetto community in the Bay Area. The original word is: yadadamean, which means "you know what I mean". The Latinos in the Bay decided they need their own version of the word without straying too far away from the Bay's distinctive lingo, so they came up with yadadameentiendes. They kept "yadada" but changed "mean" to "me entiendes", which means: "you understand me" in Spanish.

So after all that bullshit, yadadameentiendes means"
"Ya feel me?!"
Ruben: Orale guey ese! I got some rippers on line. You got 5 it? You gotta a flight to Boston if you get some runners. They always hella down wit dat. How bout some white girl. You finna come thru or what potna? I'm tryna make some guap. Yadadameentiendes? Real talk. I'm doin it movin it. I'm lightweight grassed right now. Dis one nigga wanted to start some real shit yadadameentiende? I fuckin murked his ass so hard. On mamas. I stay in da muddafuckin Valley Jo, da 408. Ya'll don't fuckin start turf hoppin all over da whole damn yay. Yadadameentiendes?! Ay pues... Well I finna be out. You hella cat'n on me.... it's all bad...
by stack bidnezz.. November 25, 2009
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