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Commonly a word with no definition, and can practically be used in any tense. It can be used to express anger, happiness, or even frustration. The origin of the word is unknown, but the word is quite fascinating. You can use this word at a person or teacher to express anger or just to annoy them and they won't know what it means. If anyone comes up to you and says "Say it" it indicates that you are meant to say "Ya daddio."
Teacher - "You guys have a rough draft due tomorrow for the essay, better get started!"
Student - "Wow, ya daddio!"

Noah - "How was the test? Did you think it was hard."
Henry "Dude it was hecka daddio, thats all I have to say."

Billy - "Fuck you Casey, go home and die!"
Casey -"Ya daddio."

Brett - "Say it!"
Henry - "Ya daddio."
by Yadaddio December 09, 2013
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