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YALORT is our god, the creator of the Solar System, and the one who will grant us eternal happiness! In appearance, he is green of hue, with the body of a tiger, the head of a dragon, and the wings of a magpie. He can freely shift form, however, so you never know when YALORT himself could be watching... Even we Priests don't know if YALORT is watching, as his True Form has not been seen by human eyes for a long time.
YALORT has unlimited divine powers and is, obviously, immortal. He has the power to craft worlds from nothing. See the Holy Book of YALORT for totally reliable and true descriptions of his holy acts and so on.
Q: "Why are we here?"
A: "Because YALORT willed it."

Q: "What is beyond the universe?"
by Kriminel2 November 29, 2007
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