This is referring to females with names ending with Y. (EG Emily, Holly, Brittany)
There may be variants, though, with some names having the same 'e' sound at the end of their name. (EG Jamie, Carliegh, Kaylee)
Along with having a name designed for little kids, females with Y Names typically never mature past the 6th grade, and will surround their lives with constant useless drama.
It is also common for Y Names to create their own drama, if there is none for them to feed off of. Y Names should definitely be avoided for they will almost never work out as a friend/ girlfriend.
In some cases, Y Names will also lead on males up until they start dating, then after a few free meals they stop all communication for they have had their fill on free things.
It may also be completely possible that Y Names have a pinch more Crazy than most other females, although more testing needs to be done in this area.
Person 1: I think I might ask out Brittany, any advice?

Person 2: I can already tell you by her name that it's a bad choice...

Person 1: What do you mean?

Person 2: Well, for starters she has a Y Name.

Person 1: So what?

Person 2: Y Names are the bitches of the ocean; They are the Cray Fish among the millions of other Fish out in the sea.
by Kolomane September 7, 2013
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