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An Xray 1 is a coworker with an exaggerated ego and overinflated view of self worth. An Xray 1 pretends to do his job, but does not actually do it and all the while he is placing his penis in your ass and probably your spouse's ass without your knowledge (Possibly due to small genitals). An Xray 1 is and extremely skilled slacker with no shame. An Xray 1 has been known to falsely accuse coworkers of pulling the exact same tricks he does in an effort to mislead everyone else. Either because he thinks he is that smooth or everyone else is that stupid.

An Xray 1 will display the following traits, all of them:

Boosts about minor achievements to include other peoples of which he took credit for.

Terrified of working and works twice as hard to get out of work.

Kisses his supervisors asses to get out of work (And it works).

Becomes enraged if made to work and whine like a freshly neutered monkey.

Takes every opportunity to demean his coworkers and make himself look less like a douche.

Talks about coworkers and supervisors behind their backs and to their supervisors (Yes, we know).

Will hit on anything that holds still to include boyish looking females and some men.

Will claim to help others and not do so, especially if it lunch time.

Will watch others work and run his mouth without sharing the workload.

Is also known as Blue Falcon or Bravo Foxtrot or Buddy Fucker.
Pablo: "Man, that Bert is a Buddy Fucker (Blue Falcon)."
Bubba: "No, he is worse."
Pablo: "What is worse than a Buddy Fucker?"
Bubba: "An Xray 1."
Pablo: "What is an Xray 1 ?"
Bubba: "Xray 1 is the biggest shit bird of all. It eats the Blue Falcons for breakfast."
Pablo: "Yeah, Bert is definitely an Xray 1."
by SWATorNOT April 29, 2011
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