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A rare name that typically spawns it’s origins from Albania. A Xhevia is always kind and considerate of others, and is bold and stands up for what’s right. She’s the kind of friend that will always be by your side and listen to your secrets and hold them dearly without telling a soul. She’s supportive of others and will sacrifice her well-being for the well-being of others. Xhevia will never abandon you for someone else or something else, and will despise those who go against you. Not only is she kind, but she’s hilarious and quirky. Whenever she’s in a room, everyone lights up. She tells spontaneous yet amazing jokes. Overall, Xhevia is a kind soul that helps out others regardless and will never abandon you.
That girl right there is amazing, she stood up for her best friend. She must be named Xhevia.”
by erucae May 30, 2019
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