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One who thinks that she/he is a proper rebel, smoking, drinking and dont give a shit - but in reality, is still dreaming about a house in the subburbs with two children, a husband and to solid incomes. Most often seen around universities. Young, leftwinged women, who thinks that drinking in the weekends will compensate for the fact that they get offended when they encounter real problems like alcoholism, drug abuse, or people who don't have a good degree or are being "political incorrect".
Girl: It just got wild last weekend. I was totally wasted, feel like Pete Doherty, the day after. totally fucked.
Guy: But did'nt you end up at your boyfriends' house around 2pm.? And did'nt you just finish your exams 1st. class?
Girl: yeah, but still. It was a bit crazy.
Guy: You're nothing but a Xerox Rebel, wanting a secure life in the subburbs.
by Jakob Orbesen April 09, 2008
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