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That small 8 year old child who always leaves his mic on, breathes heavily and seems to have an inaudible gih pitched voice which reaches well over 100 decibles, blinding anyone who actually wants to play the game. Xbox childs tend to play games that are rated M, just to piss off adults and actual gamers.
Guy 1:Oh My Fucking God!

Guy 2:What?

Guy 1:This fucking gay xbox child was on my team and he made no fucking sense, his breathing wouldn't stop!And he was team killing and bringing the flag to the corner of standoff, just to commit suicide and return it!

Guy 2:Really?What's his gamertag?

Guy 1:XxXSmOkEwEeDfOrLiFe420XxX, I swear the little bitch was holding a vacuum cleaner to the mic.

Guy 2:Let's go rhubarb that little bitch, invite him to the party.
by backadockalocka May 10, 2009
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