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The period of time between an an expired Xbox Live membership and a renewed Xbox Live membership.

People who have owned at least one 12 month Xbox Live subscription and put it to good use are most affected by this phenomenon.

For most it is a rebirth of new life in the world, and many discover that there is in fact a world outside of their home and Xbox Live.
Joe: Omg I have no money to renew my subscription for Xbox Live and Modern Warfare 2 just came out!!

Joe: I hate Xbox Live Deprivation!!

(Joe then decides to cry while eating gallons of ice cream and watching soap operas. But before he does this he notices a strange new door in his home; he opens it and there is a seemingly infinitely large room with a soft green carpeted floor and white cotton like substances moving around on a light blue ceiling near an immense light bulb that shines on everything around him. He then notices other people running around and having fun. It's beautiful and brings a tear to his eye.)

Joe: What is this strange and wonderful new world?!?
by The Super Ninja November 13, 2009
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