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something of commendable excellence or merit, deserving to be posted on Xanga; a funny Aim conversation is xangaworthy; a picture of your drunk friend passed out on the couch is xangaworthy; a video of your cat moving around your livingroom with a piece of tape stuck to its back is xangaworthy
(crapbag8 and sexyback785 have a conversation on AIM and have a friend whose name is Poon)

crapbag8: look up "pooned" on

sexyback785: hahaha

crapbag8: haha

sexyback785: ew...i didnt know thats what poon meant.

sexyback785: why would you show me this?!?!

crapbag8: wat does it mean?

crapbag8: omg...

sexyback785: you have dirtied both of our minds today.

sexyback785: good job.

crapbag8: I stopped reading when it said female...

crapbag8: this is so xangaworthy...
by Daniel & Vicky March 06, 2007
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