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A kid who snorts xanax in class. Usually a fucking savage.

Seriously xanax kids are savage as fuck.
"I just roasted someone so hard they had to kys, and i snorted xanax"
"damn blood u's a xanax kid
by Kappachinnnnoo August 25, 2016
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A person that goes to high school, talks like he's Lil Wayne and talk about how they listen to soundcloud and take the prescription drug Xanax. Xanax kids usually wear hoodies with weird patterns or just a random picture on a shirt. They also wear their hoods half way up there heads, which makes it look like their hood is just resting on the back of there head. If you see a Xanax kid you should try to avoid all contact as they well try to get you to listen to their mixtape on SoundCloud.
" Who the fuck are those people"

" There just Xanax kids leave them alone "
by ButtsexBilly February 20, 2017
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