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A mix of a evil and good force that sits in a person that has been twisted and ravanged by emotional and/or physical battles, Usualy shown as a demon and an angle possesing the same person for a fight, Resulting in the persons death to the higher or lower place (heaven or hell). Shown as a person with one eye red crying blood and the other normal, power is granted to them to kiss the the head of a person to see all the pain they wint throught then can choose to help or hurt the people they kiss with that informantion by telling them to forgive them or telling them to kill them, the better the choice they choose the lighter the eye gets till the soul is granted accese to heaven. Forced on many who live through terrible things in their life and die from themself, and then are resurrected by god because their plan isn't finished, or the person that they wanted to save is still in need of that person.
<Enter name here> killed himself becuase he couldn't stand life yet came back as a xaingic because he couldn't die knowing what would happen to the people he loved.
by BoB Johnson Mcgee December 05, 2009
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