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The most amazing thing you will see in your life. The answer to everything, and nothing. The Infinite space. The Pure Flame that Burns. It is the entire universe put into one moment of time. It is the dancing cats. It is the flashing cats. It is the laughing cats, and it is the sad cats. XEPodpa is truly the most amazing thing to have ever been stumbled across ever. If you fight against XEPodpa and win, XEPodpa has still won. The mere sound of the word sends most men into a crying depression. Some say XEPodpa is god, some say it is satan, some say it is an entirely different force of nature. But hey, grass grows, birds fly, sun shines, and brother, XEPodpa hurts people.
"Hey man, what's up?"


by Disko.Dolphin August 01, 2009
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