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A camera ad-on for the XBOX360. It is essentially a webcam. On the XBOX360 you can record video, but this is pointless because you can't save it, you can only send it to people.
You can also take pictures at about 1.3mp, but this is also pointless because you can't save or extract the photos to view at that resolution.

On the PC it automatically downloads the drivers and doesn't let you manually install it. It doesn't have an interface so you're stuck with a tiny window to take pictures with, and when you take a picture it stays at that small resolution so it's not really 1.3mp resolution.

Basically it's cool but Microsoft must have hired a retard to choose it's features. And good luck trying to use it as a webcam.
guy: I just took a picture of myself on my Live vision camera!

me: Yea it's too bad you can only use it as your gamer picture so you can't appreciate the 1.3mp resolution, making it pointless.

guy: Yea but it's so cool.

me: And I forgot to mention you can't extract the pictures so it's pretty much a waste!

microsoft xbox 360 live vision is a big piece of failure.
by Oeon February 13, 2007
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