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a small little kid who knows nothing. he thinks he is really good at fnbr but it turns out that he is really not. he says that he can build so i offered to 1v1? all he can do for building is he glides on to a builiding and and starts building cones and only cones. i pput a pencil in his water bottle hoping he would laugh but no?
XAnDeRR you are stupid and trash at fortnite
by yolo your mom October 10, 2019
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Xanderr is guy who is emotionally unstable, in a financial crisis, and if they happen to be lucky enough to have had a wife at one point and children as well his wife is most likely getting a divorce; restraining order sheats, and taking the child/children. All in all Xanderr is the wannabe brother of Xander, but failing miserably.
"My husband is such a Xanderr, he can't feed the children, can't pay our rent, and he tried cheering on me!"
by Bot#182628372 June 10, 2017
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