X has been mathematically proven being equal to 9. Famous mathematician Nicolai Svelland was the man to find out this miracle and solve many math problems across the world. (Nicolai is currently eating noodles and is solving Hodge conjecture)
You can X (in math) in problems such as x - 5 then you know it would be 4 since 9 -5 = 4
or you could drop the quadratic formula since you know its 9.
by Thicc Duck 69 September 15, 2021
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Math problems that are made easier due to your extensive knowledge of sick tricks, such as 360's, 720's, 900's made famous by crazy mother-fuckers such as Shaun White, Tony Hawk, Jamal Smith, Ellen Degenaras.
Deblock: Fuck what is 360x3?

Wojick: its 1080, you douchebag!!!

Paul: Do you not watch the X-Games you fucking queer. Learn your X-Games Math
by West Milly Wagnerfuckers May 26, 2010
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