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A combination of German words "wunder" and "scheisse" meaning wonderful and shit to create the wonderful shit. Wunderscheisse refers to the type of shit that comes out very quick and which does not require you to wipe your ass afterwards.
If already part of the social slang of a group, can be reduced to saying"wunder."
"Dude where's Chris?"
"Probably takin a Wunderschisse…"

"Where were you in math class man?"
"In da toilet, took the Wunderscheisse of the week."

"Ahh! I ate a shitload of chicken with mayo, expecting a Wunderscheisse tonight."

*coming out of the toilet*
"Chyeaa man! Biggest Wunderscheisse in ages, lets go have a celebratory beer somewhere."

"Man that gyros was rotten..."
"Ahh fuck, no Wunderscheisse for me for a while."
by AISB Blazers January 25, 2011
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