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Gullible, gormless idiot. Makes the memory of a goldfish seem long. Its brain has the processing power of an Atari 2600 (wood veneer finish of course) with the power turned off. Lumbers around like a syphilitic, senile turtle but without the good looks. Typically loose with their money, and would like to be as loose with their morals (see previous definition).
1. “Here comes the Wugui, we can fleece him for all the money he has”.
2. A. “Now Wugui, when you go to the market, make sure you barter with them”.
Wugui – (after taking two steps) “Cool, that is the one I’ve been looking for. I’d pay anything for that”. Brandishing a wad of cash.
Cut to loads of market stallholders with dollar signs in their eyes and the word kerching echoing throughout.
3. Wugui - “All these women are hot.”
A. “They charge more if you compliment them, and they’re lady boys.”
Wugui – “Yeah, yeah, whatever. How much. It all feels the same.”
by Lenny.Banter April 22, 2006
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