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The ancient aboriginal spirit of the stone and wood. Known to inhabit the bush regions of SE Queensland, Australia.

DreamTime stories tell of a ghost-man who lives inside of the trees and billabongs. They say he does not suffer outsiders who camp in his domain and say that he will try to annoy those who do by yelling profanities at them.

Bush legend says that the Wudjiman can actually be summoned by saying his name 3 times while sitting around a campfire. This is also said to work if you chant his native aboriginal name/s: Boongnoonga or Fabawaba.

People who have attempted to invoke the Wudjiman have claimed that they could smell a strong, distinct odour, something akin to methylated spirits and unwashed underpants.

According to the myths, the Wudjiman drives a black Trans-Am with a golden magpie emblazoned on the bonnet and can sometimes be heard on quiet nights doing donuts and fishtails in the streets of the neverland.

The only way the Wudjiman can be appeased (if summoned directly), is to leave offerings of cigarettes and spare change. Sometimes also cardigans.
Shhhh, don't smoke that cigarette here or the Wudjiman will come and try to take it from you.

Don't leave your cardigan there or the Wudjiman will take it.
by Ikkarus August 30, 2015
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