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Either you typo a word and it came up as this or you are so bad at spelling that you looked up this or you are just bored because I know I am and that's why I'm making this. Either way do you know what I am doing to you at this very moment as you are reading this? I give you a chance to guess... BTW before I give the answer how was your day going so far? Mine was okay. OK back to the question, the answer of what I am doing to you is pretty simple, what I am doing to you might be what some of you guessed it is..................wasting your time! Did you guess it? LOL! Wserned could also mean if a person is out of breath, or panicked say complete nonsense like this or if someone kills you in the middle of you saying a word and it sounds Like this.
"Ah lo look it's w-w-WSERNED!" Says a friend "What?" You say.
by jacki boi June 07, 2018
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