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The difference of effect between a writer who has written a peice of literature and a person reading it. The writer may believe their creation is much longer, more emotional, or interesting while none of these things have transferred into the acuall writing. Writers who forget to apply "writer factor" to their work usually end up making action too blunt, descriptions too short or include things that just dont make sense.

Writer factor, time wise, is aproximetly half an hour of writing to twenty seconds of reading, 45 minutes research to one interesting fact, and two days depression to a single tear.

Writers factor includes any type of writing, including scripts, poetry and even band names.
"James hit lucy. She flew back into a bush. Later her rescuer named Larry found her and they got married."

writer: Im thinking of showing this to a publisher, what do you think? Isn't it romantic?
reader: No. Its three sentences long.
writer: It seemed longer in my head. Mabe they can make a movie about it.
reader: you're forgetting writer factor, moron.

Band: we call ourselves pedobread: it has a deeply spiritual meaning to us
Fans: Pedo-Bread? WTF?
by Niahc August 15, 2010
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