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Usually at concerts, games or any other events, Wristband Exchange stalls are mostly always there at the entrance. It's where you can exchange one half of your concert/game ticket for a wristband which you can wear throughout the concert/game. It easier than taking out your ticket all the time when passing security.
A wristband includes the singer/band's name, the venue and the timing.

Wristbands usually come in the following colors:
Black: VIP Backstage

Gold : VIP
Silver: Front standing
Red/Yellow: Center standing (or back seating)

Wearing wristbands long after the concerts are often trends now for teenagers. A kid can show of his/her wristband to let others know that he/she went for this concert...blah blah blah
"Hey, have you guys seen Roxy and Jordan?"
"No, they're still at the wristband exchange."

"I didn't see you at the Metro Station concert, Katie."
Katie holds up her arm and shows off her wristband.
"I was there all right....I got backstage!"

"Lucky bitch!"
by CrAzY bIkE March 11, 2010
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