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1. n - The breast of an elderly woman.

2. n - The old dusty cunt of an elderly woman.

3. n - The big floppy monstrosity some nasty stretched out bitch calls her pussy.

4. v - To fuck someone so hard that they grip the sheets and cause the the permanent press to not be so permanent.
1. "And then... she let her wrinkled sheets fall from her chest. There was no escaping the horror then."

2. "Those lips... I parted those wrinkled sheets and stuck my tongue in."

3. Bill: Hey Ted, did you smash Mandy, yet?
Ted: I was going to, but then I saw her wrinkled sheet and didn't want anything to with her.
Bill: I can fit my foot in there....

4. Nigga: Bitch, get dat ass ready. I gon wrinkle yo sheets!
Bitch: Oh hell yeah, daddy. Do me like yo name Shaggy!
by imthatawesome September 15, 2012
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