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to be used as a verb for when when your just ballen to hard to do anything else or just destroying (literaly or figuratively) someone or something or maybe just an expression after an event takes place, regardless of the intencety level. A shop wrecker would be one who wrecks with consistancy or style.

Can also be used as Wreckn, Gettn Wrecked on or Gettn Wrecked
BRO: Dude just crashed my jeep into the children's hospital.
BRO2: Dude your wreckn some shop!!!

Guy: Just found a five spot!
Guy 2: Dude your wreckn!

Person: Just commited 3rd degree murder of a nun!
Person2: She just got wrecked on!

Student:I've been wreckn shop all day.
Student2: Have you?
Student : Yeh
Student2: Chill

Alec: Dude Lee just passed out in the park again.
Diego: Lee is such a shop wrecker.
Alec: Most Deffinitly
by Nitro210 September 28, 2011
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