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1. A number of DC Comics related media, typically involving the teaming up of iconic superheroes Superman and Batman.

2. World's Finest Comics was published initially by National Periodical Publications and later by DC Comics beginning in the Summer of 1941 until January of 1986 spanning a total of 323 issues. The series was intially entitled World's Best Comics, but changed to World's Finest after issue #1. The series chronicled the team-up adventures of the Golden (and later Silver Age) Batman and Superman. Unlike their Post-Crisis counterparts, the early versions of these characters were the greatest of friends and routinely teamed up to battle the likes of villains such as Lex Luthor, Brainiac and the Joker. Although not considered an official part of the World's Finest team, the Golden Age Robin assisted them in many of their adventures.

World's Finest is a fan film directed by Sandy Collora. It works as a trailer to a movie that does not exist: the long-awaited cinematic team-up of Superman and Batman. While Superman and Batman have appeared together often in comic books and in animation (notably Super Friends), this fan film is the only time that the characters have been on the screen at the same time in live action. The title refers to a famous comic (World's Finest Comics) that used to be published, featuring Batman and Superman working together in every issue.
Collora never intended to produce the entire film on his own; this film was intended as an audition reel, showing his directorial talents. Despite the popularity of and acclaim for this project, an official Batman/Superman movie has yet to be made.
The trailer features common themes from the comics, such as Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent meeting each other and feuding over Lois Lane's attentions. In addition, the trailer features the villains Lex Luthor and Two-Face.
The trailer used Los Angeles, California, to portray the city of Metropolis. As an homage to the 1952 TV series Adventures of Superman, the Los Angeles City Hall was filmed as the Daily Planet building.
by The Centurion January 26, 2013
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