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wcwt all started when darcy knol and our original drummer sean white left another band for some reason. they kept jammin together until sean was about to move to nova scotia. just before this happened, darcy ran into an old friend by the name of bill. bill said "hey, i know a dude who plays guitar and is looking for people to jam with." so sean and darcy went with bill to this dudes house who turned out to be trevor gilby. sean and darcy played a few songs for trevor and he liked it. sean, darcy and trevor only had 2 jam sessions with this line up before sean moved to nova scotia. so it was only 2 again.... then nathan neergard one day was servin' smokes at the local fasgas when darcy strolled in. there was some heavy metal playin in the background and they started to talk about music. and thats when darcy invited nathan over to try out some vocals for wcwt. nathan brought his cousin andy akins who played drums. seeing as how we didn't have a drummer at the time, he filled in to get a feel for the music. well the drums were pretty good so we asked andy to join. after a while of pondering the idea of being in a band andy said he was down with wcwt. now we need a bassist.............. oh then we found one rob amatto responded to an ad that trev had out online or somethin, he learned the songs.
guy 1: woah man, your mohawk is destroyed and your bleeding from the face!

justin peck: ya man i just left a world class white trash show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by wcwt road crew May 27, 2011
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