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A cross between the olympics and world cup only you can watch it without falling asleep. The WBC is a league filled with countries from asia, Europe, Australia, and the western hemisphere such as the US, Canada, the DR, Cuba, Japan, China, South Africa, Australia, Italy, and others. It was pretty fun to watch but the US didn't do to good on account many american baseball players did not participate, all well, get 'em next time in 2009!
EX #1: Whoa, the US beat South Africa 17-0 and it's only halfway through the game!

EX #2:
Guy #1: Isn't it strange how no matter how many teams will participate in the World Baseball Classic, Britain will never even consider joining it? I mean, we beat Germany in 2 world wars and they are still looking to join it!

Guy #2: All well, the WBC dosn't need any pussy british team, cuz America will only kick there ass if they enter!

Guy #1: Well it wouldn't be the first time!
by Spikesy May 29, 2006
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A group of baseball players who played for "national pride" before the season started. It was to replace the Olympics, but it didn't get the audience and it = t3h sux.
I wanted to watch the World Baseball Classic, but I masturbated instead.
by CBarton April 30, 2006
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