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The act of performing a queer fake grin to give the illusion of enjoying a job or career when in fact you hate the shit out of it. It is usually spotted as it is ingenuine and manufactured. You will also realize a worky boy smile when it looks as if someone just took a huge shart in their pants and they realized they are going to have to sit in it the rest of the day at their desk with the possibility of their co-workers discovering they shit themselves like a little baby.
Guy 1: Man I am having a great life. (worky boy smile)

Guy 2: Yeah it really looks as if you are enjoying your new job.

Guy 2: Turns to whisper to his friend in the next cubicle – Man that guy looks fucking miserable and like he just sharted all over himself. By the way do you smell that?
by Smusher March 15, 2010
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