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Working the clay: To engage in sexual foreplay, like in that scene with the Pottery Wheel that was in that movie Ghost. A shirtless Patrick Swayze came all up behind Demi Moore and started massaging a big phallic looking clump of clay, then sticking his fingers in her clay and then she got all hot and sexy and totally fucked up the vase she was working on and then they had really intensely passionate R-rated movie sex with fake multiple orgasms. Because of this movie scene enrollment in Pottery Making Classes went through the roof! :-D
Demi Moore is so old and decrepit now that Ashton Kutcher must have to spend at least an hour " working the clay " before even attempting to stick his dick in her sandbox and I'm sure as hell that he still would get a dry burn on his dick so bad that it would require multiple skin grafts!

Ashton: Hey Demi. Could you slap on a little more Geriatric K-Y please! I think there are sparks shooting off my dick!

Demi: Did you hear that cracking noise! I think you just broke my hip!!!
by tonyfamous June 23, 2011
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