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1. Withdraw monies, requested all in singles.
2. Proceed to strip club, with money wad in hand
3. Enter.
4. Walk to front stage, grab front seat.
5. Proceed to: leisurely "distribute" said dollar bills in delivery method of choice for services well rendered

Place of Origin: Mons Venus - Tampa, FL
"Workin' The Dollar Menu"

Guy 1: Low on cash, don't think I can make it out to Mons Venus tonight.

Guy 2: "Dude, we're all on a budget. No lap dances tonight, we're just going to make them work for it off the dollar menu."

Guy 1: "That sounds terrible and degrading to women..."

Guy 2: How dare you, strippers are dead inside and have no feelings!
by Joe Boxer @UCF February 09, 2011
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