Please I seriously need you to pretend this is an amazing, incredible word
seriously man, this isn't a joke, I need you to think its good, just pretend this is a good word
by edenwooyeah December 14, 2020
Not this, this is not February 18th word of the day, it is something else
You: Hey man, what is February 18th word of the day?
Me: Not this
by plat333 January 11, 2021
Someone who uses words as different meanings at different times. These peaple will have secret or non-secret meanings to the word with different peaple.
Dude one: "Did you see Mat today! Hes such a toob!"

Dude two: "You used that new word on me earlier! What does it mean!
Dude two: "Well when im using that word on you, i mean total noob. When on Mat im referring to a tool+noob"
Dude one: I never expected for you to be a Mega Word Switchup type.
by You know that it is me July 28, 2011
The button you press to submit a new word to this website
I am going to submit a new word to Urban Dictionary
by Cooperlikespizza August 23, 2020
I got bored, I made this definition cuz im bored
by JustJason ;) November 8, 2021
this work is a new word as i have been told to enter words
hey it is new word outside today
by wario wario November 26, 2021