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Getting wookied means falling for a girl and trying your hardest to get with her but all youll get in return is a place in the "Just Friends Zone". Meaning youll never get a chance to be with them and you still have feelings for them. Like she's saying "Youre like a brother to me!"

Jake got Wookie'd because he found out that his long time crush thinks of him as "just a really good friend"
by James Harraghy October 26, 2007
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The term wookied is meant to be an other word for getting so drunk you can no longer see straight. At this point the person who has been drinking tries to impersonate the crazy noise the wookie makes in the Star Wars movies. This could also be used as an "warning" for other people that are around the drunk person.
Man, I was so wookied last night I dont know how i got home.

Dude, guess what...... I AM WOOKIED!!! (impersonates the sound)
by Patrick Buckle March 13, 2006
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Having girls lined up so you never run out of options, having a girlfriend yet having a backup for when you get bored.
I'm getting bored of halley so i wookied kelsey up so i have another girl to occupy me when i dump her ass.
by gotplayed February 27, 2010
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