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Commonly found in Southern California the "Woody Allen Trash Bag" is a particular breed of hipster girl. Personified by an oversized top, usually neutral in color and often see through, and very tightly fitting pants, they are often known to frequent hipster dance bars in which they refuse to dance. They are also known to wear large framed glasses, regardless of their medical need to do so and commonly feed around taco trucks in the early hours of the morning. Cultural traits include a huddling with other "Woody Allen Trash Bags" to fend off predators and massive desire to discuss their love of the band "Fleet Foxes". Popular migration grounds include but are not limited to, Silverlake, Echo Park and Los Feliz.
It will take too long, look at the line. It is full of Woody Allen Trash Bags
by Hipster Culture July 15, 2011
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