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A Woobliwoot is

1. Someone who just wants to fuck you then leave you.

2. A word you use to throw out during a IM chat with someone less desired at the moment, to cause confusion.

3. Long lost Australian animal. Related to the porcupine, kangaroo, and platypus
1. Nathan is such a fuckin' woobliwoot, someone's dad is gonna castrate him one day.

2. FCKTHISFUHLplZ: Hey boy Heyyy!

PWNR187onurazz: Aw you're the woobliwoot of all time


3. "Dem dere they Dingos eatin the- Oh MY GAWD, Is that A Woobliwoot out there in the distance?! "
by AllTooMutch July 30, 2009
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