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The most awesome person you will ever meet! Wongchatthorn is always the coolest and most popular person around. He’s the type of person who you would want at parties and will always hype up the club.

Wongchatthorn is also extremely badass. He’s the type of person you would see skydiving into Nazi Germany dual weilding swords and wiping them all out with a single x7 combo attack. He’s the type of person that is fit to lead the Space Force.

There’s not a single girl who would resist Wongchatthorn. There are often too many girls attracted to Wongchatthorn that the only way to get them off of him would be to clone himself.
Person 1: Yo is that Wongchatthorn I see over there? He is SO cool!

Person 2: Yea that must be him, no one else could make me that horny! What a legend?
by Wongchatthorn July 15, 2018
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