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Real-life Chinese folk hero, revolutionary and kung fu master who lived in the late 19th century. reknowned for his mastery of Hung Gar style and his "No Shadow Kick" technique.

subject of countless television shows and movies, including the Once Upon a Time in China series in which he was portrayed many times by Jet Li
Taken verbatim from Last Hero in China subtitles

Officer Lui: I have heard that your kung fu belongs to the school of Shaolin. Your No Shadow Kick is really famous. But what sort of fists do you play? Kung's? Tiger and Crane? Cross fists?

Wong Fei Hung: Sir, you mean famous, it's being exaggerated. Please don't misunderstand.

Office Lui: Hahahahaha. Master Wong, you are wrong. It's a bad habit of keeping your kung fu secretly.
by kasrkin February 21, 2009
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