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A blowjob worthy of film or even praise. This blowjob is SOOOO GOOOD its a wonder. Perhaps the 8th wonder of the world. Any guy who gets a wonderblow is truly a lucky guy, and can be considered the man. Wonderblows are strictly administered by really hot chicks who are wonderful at blowing. Wonderblows do not mean a girl is good at blowing kisses, a wonderblower would typically drool when blowing anything.
sexaddict69: Hey man, did georgia blow you last night?
Jonesguy14: Yeah dude, she was fuckin' amazing. Perhaps even a wonderblower
sexaddict69: O rrllyy!?!? I thought she was a nerdy bitch who never smoked a dick.
Jonesguy14: Apparently not, that was a true wonderblow!
by SealingPhan April 17, 2009
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