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Women Drivers No Survivors is a hereditary that continues to spreads around through female life on to generation to generation and so on.

This disease it most likely to cause major car accidents
and causing you to lose money from insurance or even cause of death. Females do not know why they cause these horrible collisions because they are CUNTS or DUMBASS BITCHES.

Five ways to notice they are not driving correctly.

5.They are on their first test-drive.(trust me You will notice this when they are driving slow.)

4.They are paying attention to the person behind them without looking through the head mirror.(You will notice this when they are driving left to right on a wrong lane)

3.They are doing makeup.(They dont pay attention to the traffic light.)

2.They are talking to their phone.(Look above)

And this is the Big mac daddy reason why they can't fucking drive.

1.They are talking to phone while they are using their hands.

Number one does not need an explanation.
Trish puts on makeup.
She got hit by a truck

she died

Go figure

Women Drivers No Survivors
by N2Y3724 January 23, 2010
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