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To be used as a verb.

1. To WomboWolf something means that someone has attempted a task or feat and completed it so well and efficiently that it inspires awe and admiration from those around the person.

2. When a Wolf player in Super Smash Bros. Brawl catches someone in an infinite D-Tilt lock on a wall.

The term is often used in gaming tournaments but may be used in real life affairs as well.
Jules: Yo how did that battle go with Knightmare?
Me: Dude. I fucking WomboWolf'd that shit. He didn't even have chance.

Keith: So how'd that math test go?
Anthony: Son, that shit was cake. I went in there and WomboWolf'd that test!

Ruben: What the hell is that?
Jaime: He's getting WomboWolf'd!
by Christian Carabasu June 05, 2010
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