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Main Entry: wom·biez
Variant(s): also wom·biz /'wäm-bEz/
Function: noun
Etymology: Louisiana Creole or Haitian Creole wonbiez, of Bantu origin; akin to Kinbendyou nwúmbez ghost

1 : the un-supernatural power that according to the ultra-trendy Starsucks slurping crowd is believed to cause an otherwise normal young living suburbanite to believe they have died and been reanimated as the living dead; a clue-less human capable of only posing as a member of the undead

2 : a person who attempts to look and live like the walking dead although not actually one of the walking dead; one who will walk the walk and talk the talk but won't eat your brains.

3: A Young Person who is so full of self hate for who they are, yet so enamored of the hip, cool, zombie lifestyle that they will go to great lengths to emulate it; Zombie Poser.

4: a non-alcoholic drink made to taste like it contains several kinds of rum, liqueur, and fruit juice; Zombie Cocktail poser.
"OMG Look at those Wombiez Posers, HOW LAME IS THAT??"

"Bartender let me have a Wombiez, I have to drive to work in the morning"

"Hey Biff, I mean ZeroDawg "G", did you read the papers? Being a Wigger is so last week now, I just read that being a Wombiez is where it's at!"
by ZOG The Zombie Bounty Hunter September 21, 2007
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