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In similar concept to that of a squatter: a person who settles on land/occupies property without title, right, or payment of rent; a Womb Squatter is an unexpected and possibly unwanted pregnancy. I.e., the fetus is undesirably there and doesn't plan on leaving on its own.
It is a term that you will most likely never hear uttered from the mouth of a pro-lifer .
Janie: Why are you so upset? You've been crying all day... Is everything okay?
Alyssa: Oh Janie, I have a womb squatter. Dylan is going to be so mad at me!
Janie: I am so sorry, Janie. Just remember that, due to a Woman's right to choice, you have options.
Alyssa: I know, I've already been considering my options. But next time, I will definitely remember to use birth control and contraceptives.
by HananaBannah October 21, 2009
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