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Lady Gaga's disco stick. Also, the penis of any other woman.
"OMG, did you hear about Lady Gaga's womanpenis?"

Dude "Yeah man. a lovegame for us all."
by PusnBootz November 04, 2010
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A rare and elusive type of penis found on a female. Females do not have penises so to find one is very disturbing and disgusting, which in turn holds vile royalty over any other mammal or invertebrate penis.
"That sucks woman penis!"
by Grizzly bear August 29, 2006
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A female reaction to sexual stimulation.

When a male is sexually stimulated blood flows to the penis causing it to become enlarged and rigid. The same thing can occur with a females clitoris. some women have clitoris that grow so large they extend from beneath the hood and actually have the appearance of a tiny penis.
I was sucking face with sandra last night, and when i slid my hand into her panties her woman penis was so hot and throbbing it almost burnt me.
by Pyth0nB0y September 17, 2009
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The opposite of a mangina, when a man ejaculates on a womans leg, as the night goes on becomes crusted to skin or garment.
Bitch, thats a fat woman-penis on your yoga pants.

Girl, that woman penis is crusted on your leg!
by drj0e December 02, 2011
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