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A salty ass man who is mad a woman is empowered that her pus pops severely. This woman is 9 times out of ten too good for this type of gentleman. He might as well go fuck himself because she’s never fucking him again or maybe never. This woman has too much class, money, happiness, and time to deal with this type of guy. These types of men hate themselves, their mothers were whores, or their friends got into his head now he’s a single piece of shit with a mediocre bitch as his WCW.

Guy: These hoes ain’t loyal. Most of these bitches will fuck your cousin and the whole crew.

Other guy: well I kinda like hoes but at the same time if she a hoe she has to be bad so I can forgive her hoe shit.

Sturdy Other guy: well I love Black queens they do no harm in my eyes they went through a lot during American history whose going to protect them if we woman basher them like this.
by BadBitch2018 May 26, 2018
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