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the most retarded thing that you can do with your life. theres not one person on wolf rp that does not have an issue of some sort. it's okay to have an issue. just not to vent it into the internet.
ok basically, there are packs. some are "serious". you have to have good writing skills to get into those. others are "fails" meaning the serious packs don't like them because they're not pretty enough. no one minds their own damn business, tries to act wayyy cooler than they really are in real life (and on wolf rp- no matter how profane you act YOU ARE PRETTY MUCH A LOSER BECAUSE YOU DO THIS), and has "wars". and "invades".
you can get so much more information just by visiting real wolf packs. just seeing how stupid they are yup.
some people manage to get the balance between this, schoolwork, and their lives. i tip my hat to you.
spoken from a former wolf RPer. so i get how stupid it is.
bigscarywolfie: -SMILES- OMG THIS IS SOOO FUN!!!!

pupsitterwolfie: IKR!!!! WOLF RP IS THE COOLEST!!!!

Jack: -Whips head in their direction- No chatspeak! You're banned!!!

by wolf rp is stupid May 03, 2011
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